Secure Document Containers

J&K Secure Shredding offers its customers locking containers to store their documents in until the scheduled pick-ups.

The containers will have locks on them which can be only opened by J&K employees who service the account and customer selected employees within the business.

65 and 96 gallon totes

These totes are provided by J&K and are secured with locks. There is a slot in the top of the containers where the paper is inserted into the container. The totes are on two wheels so the J&K employees can wheel them to the truck for secure destruction.

  • 65 gallon - capacities of approx. 185 to 200 lbs of paper (about 5 Banker Boxes)
    Dimensions: 43"h x 27"w x 22"d.
  • 96 gallon - capacities of approx. 280 to 300 lbs of paper (about 8 Banker Boxes)
    Dimensions: 46"h x 32"w x 26"d


36" and 40" Consoles

These consoles have locks on them and a slot to insert paper. Inside the console is a bag which the paper falls into. When the scheduled pick-up occurs, a J&K employee opens the console and empties the contents into a secure tote which he brings in with him. The console is locked again and the documents are securely destroyed.

  • 36" Console - This console has a capacity of approx. 65 to 85 lbs of paper.
    Dimensions: 36"h x 19"w x 19"d
  • 40" Console - This console has the capacity of approx. 75 to 100 lbs of paper.
    Dimensions: 40"h x 19"w x 19"d

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