Why choose J&K

Each customer that receives services from J&K will be taking the necessary steps to prevent their sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. We take the utmost care in handling your information and completely destroy it before it leaves your property.

Our state-of-the-art truck completely destroys the material and has the ability for the customer to watch the action through its closed circuit system.

If your company does not currently have a document destruction management plan in place to protect its sensitive information, J&K can produce one for your company. The plan will keep your company compliant to the laws and regulations in place today. The plan spells out what the propor handling methods and desruction methods are for each employee.

Each time J&K shreds for a customer, the customer receives a Certificate of Destruction which guarantees them that the material was shredded properly. The certificate also is proof of the company taking the adequate steps to prevent identity theft.

We can cater to your needs. J&K is flexible enough to schedule shredding's around your times and perform emergency when needed, putting J&K a step above the competition.

J&K is a proud 2008 National Association of Information Destruction Member in good standing. NAID is an information destruction industry leading association keeping its members current with all of the new trends, methods and equipment available. As a member, we are held to higher standards than non-members. We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality and courteous service and confidentiality, proper information destuction and reasonable pricing.


Environmental Responsibility

J&K Secure Shredding is committed to protecting the environment. We recycle every item we can including card board boxes, shredded materials and E-Waste.

By using J&K as your shredding specialist, you can be sure that you are helping the environment through recycling.

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